Posted by: Eve-Marie | October 19, 2012

Patrick Kavanagh Award 2012 – Part 2

Hey all,

Just the final lot of photos to do with this year’s Patrick Kavanagh award.  Coming joint second has really boosted my confidence beyond belief, but more about that in a future post 😉

I even got a write-up in the local newspaper, The Munster Express:


Anyway, here’s some images from the Patrick Kavanagh Society’s website for posterity:



Since coming runner-up, I’ve been asked if I intend to publish the short-listed collection of poetry.  The answer to that is: not yet.  I don’t intend to seek publication for ‘a long while yet’, as they say.  Publication isn’t something you rush into – your name is permanently attached to a piece.  Let the words ruminate, let them settle, give it time.  Then see about publication.  Let there be no panic.

Also, a huge thanks for all the support from my friends and family.  It’s been a surprise to some that I wrote poetry at all.  And, like the best things in life, I’ve rather surprised myself 😉

Talk soon!


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