Posted by: Eve-Marie | October 1, 2012

Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award 2012 – Joint 2nd Place!

*** More Photos To Follow *** I promise 😀

Well, fancy this.  I’ve won joint second in the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award 2012!

Now, considering I’ve only been writing poetry since March of this year – a scant six months, if that – being honoured by this nod is just beyond anything I could have ever hoped for.  That’s not to say I haven’t spent years writing, just not in the vein of poetry – I thought I would be a fantasy or sci-fi novelist and churn out massive tomes of world building – apparently not!

So, a huge thank you to judge Brian Lynch, winner Caoilinn Hughes and a special thanks to Rosaleen Kearney.  Massive kudos to my two beacons of mentorship and encouragement: Kate Gordon and Eileen Ascherson, who breezed through the mammoth journey of driving up from Waterford.  Big thanks too to my dearest writing bud, Tracy Henry, who puts up with me 😉  The whole weekend was an enormous success, I read my work aloud and met so many great characters.  This honour is not lost on me, trust!

I’ve been pushed off a poetic cliff, of sorts. I cannot wait to see what’s down this rabbit hole 😉




  1. You’re welcome, hon! And it’s more than putting up with you. It’s a treasured friendship and a wild writing journey. 🙂

    • Awww, that’s so sweet, girl! Xx Treasured *and* a great adventure!

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