Posted by: Eve-Marie | June 10, 2012

Immrama Lismore 2012


After damaging my shoulder the very morning of my journey to Listowel Writers’ Week 2012 – rendering me unable to go – I was so careful with every limb and nook and cranny this morning!  Lismore Immrama Festival of Travel Writing, here I come!

I had signed up for Anthony Sattin‘s early morning breakfast, but unfortunately I couldn’t get to Lismore until 11:30, just in time for Paul Clements‘ day-long workshop!  After throwing the Micra, er, somewhere, we all were loaded into vans and cars and taken off to The Vee (thick typical Irish mountains with narrow roads and wryly-eyed sheep), dumped into the countryside for half an hour and told to write alone.

Then, back to Lismore for the rest of the workshop.  Fantastic stuff.  Great mix of people attending too, great international flavour.  The town itself is such a delight and surprise.  I’m sure I was in Lismore when I was younger, but wandering the streets after-hours was just magical this evening, especially with the festival in the park and its music wafting across the lanes.

Then!  A greasy bag of chips on the drive back to the Déise’s heart.  Job done, all highly recommended.

Oh, and there was also a Castle (kind of)…



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