Posted by: Eve-Marie | June 7, 2012

New Tricks With Matches 2012 – Short-Listed!

Over this morning’s breakfast (peanut butter on toast with green tea – what?  It’s food!) I found out I’m short-listed for the poetry section of New Tricks With Matches:

The annual UCD MA in Creative Writing Anthology Contest is currently accepting submissions. Categories include both short stories and poetry, one winner will be chosen from each. The competition is open to all writers, from now until midnight on Monday 30th of April 2012. Each winning entry, along with the entrant’s short biography will be published in the Class of 2012 Anthology called “New Tricks with Matches” which will be distributed widely at Dublin-area literary events, at local bookshops, as well as on line.

The poem is Recovery and that’s all I’ll say, for now 😉  I’m so delighted.  I hadn’t written poetry for many years and getting short-listed for a piece is just beyond happiness.  Quite the thing for a grey Thursday 😀


Edit: Added short-list on Facebook:


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