Posted by: Eve-Marie | May 26, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo

I always thought November was a tough month for NaNoWriMo participants – stuck between back-to-school September and the mish-mash that is Halloween/Thanksgiving, not to mention the run-up to Christmas.

So, it makes sense that you can now do NaNoWriMo in both June AND August!  Write a 50k novel in 30 days.  Only this time in summer, when you might have some actual free time.  Boo-ya.

I’m all signed up for June; I really want to bang out that sci-fi story.  And even if I do nothing more than write 50k works that only I shall see, then I’ll be happy.

Because writing is about *Actually Writing Words Down*.  This is the hardest lesson in life.

That, and you can’t drink prune juice without regret :/

Clicking the above image will bring you to my NaNo June profile 🙂

I promise not to become one of those NaNoWriMo harpies, who don’t shut up about their ‘novel writing’ for 30 days.  But NaNo is out there and it’s free and it’s about *Writing Words Down*.

Which, if nothing else, constitutes writing 🙂

Much love,



  1. Good luck with Camp NaNo. I’m participating for the first time in August. I’m treating it the same way, a chance to get a first draft onto page. Happy writing 🙂

    • Best of luck to you too 😀 May as well put words on paper than keep them in our heads!

  2. I’m signed up and counting the days till i get to start to write.
    Last November was really hard on me and i only made it half way to 50,000. i have free time now so i know i can do it

    • I’ve always struggled to hit the 50k target, but over the years it becomes clearer that ya just gotta write words down everyday, no matter what. Simple idea, but so, so hard to implement

      Best of luck!

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