Posted by: Eve-Marie | May 16, 2012

Arena Flash Challenge 2012 – Special Mention!!

Wonderful news for a shitty Wednesday afternoon!

I’ve been selected for a Special Mention in the RTE Radio 1 Arena Flash Challenge 2012 for a piece entitled ‘Alpha’.

I am just BESIDE myself with joy now, utterly beside myself.  ‘Alpha’ is literally two lines long; 31 words.  I didn’t even know if that qualified as flash fiction, but there you go!  Originally I’d tried to work the piece into a haiku or something, but left it free-form and submitted it to the Flash Challenge instead.

This is the first ‘winning-esque’ thing that’s happened to me in a long, long time.  And since it’s to do with writing, you know… the words that fall out of mine own head, I am just elated.

I also passed the NCT today, so double yay!

See below – that’s my name, bitches!! 😀  Shitty mood status: all gone!




  1. I agree, even being ‘special mentioned’ is encouraging, epecially on a shitty Wednesday afternoon 🙂

    • I know, right? 😀 The littlest bit of approval is all us writers require 😉

  2. Hey, Eve, that’s great! Susan

    • Thank you so much! Subbed to yer blog, btw 😉

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